15 Tips for Moving with Kids

Hope that everyone is having a great week! Summer is in full swing, and we are here to help you get settled into your new home!

Moving has the potential to be very stressful! When you have the addition of a few young kids added in, it’s best to be prepared to try and make the transition as smooth as possible. Check out our tips below to help make your move a little bit easier.

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1. Prepare kids for what to expect. Young children might not have a good understanding of what the term “moving” really means. Explain to them exactly what will happen, and take the time to read some age-appropriate books about moving together.
2. Let the kids help you pack. If they’re old enough, let your children help you pack some of their personal belongings.
3. Don’t rush yourself. It’s hard to accomplish any task quickly with small children under foot. Give yourself lots of time to plan and execute your move.
4. Take kids’ concerns seriously. Even toddlers can verbalize at least some of what they’re feeling, and older children will probably have lots of questions and concerns. Always treat kids’ feelings with respect, even when you can’t accommodate their requests.

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5. Time your move. Sometimes, circumstances dictate when you have to move. But, if you have a choice, try to time your move so that it occurs at a relatively calm period in your child’s life.
6. Pull out the pull-ups. If you’ll be traveling by car or plane with a recently potty-trained toddler or preschooler, think about putting them in a pull-up for the duration of your trip. It will give you peace of mind, just in case you can’t find a bathroom along the way.
7. Pack one box of toys last. Your children are going to need things to do right up until the time you move out of your home. Don’t make the mistake of packing all the toys up first because you’ll be left with bored children who just might drive you crazy.
8. Label boxes of kids’ stuff very clearly. The day will come when you find yourself digging through boxes looking for the toy that they absolutely have to play with right now. Do yourself a favor; don’t just label boxes with the word “toys.” Include as much detail about what is in the box as you can.
9. Keep extra clothes handy. Kids make messes. So make sure you keep lots of extra clothes close at hand during your move, because you never know when they’ll be needed.
10. Pack a cooler with healthy snacks. Some things that are easy to grab are apples, veggie slices, prepared smoothies, and low-fat cheeses.


11. Maintain familiar routines. Once you’re in your new home, some things will have to change, but try to maintain the aspects of your life that are most important to your kids. Stick to familiar bedtime routines and continue your tradition of Saturday morning pancakes if you can.
12. Reassure kids that you are a constant in their life. When young kids lose the security of a home they’ve always known, they can become insecure about losing other important things in their life, too. Don’t forget to reassure them that, even when homes and friends have to change, you will always be there for them.
13. Make a big deal about all the exciting new things you can do. A new home means new friends and new opportunities. Get out and explore all the cool new attractions that you can visit if you’re in a new city, or take advantage of all the neat things your new home has to offer that your old home didn’t.
14. Don’t be in a hurry to unpack. If you immediately start pulling everything out of boxes, you’ll have piles of stuff everywhere, and the clutter will create unnecessary stress for everyone in the house. Take your time and unpack what you need slowly and gradually.
15. Make it feel like home. Take your time unpacking, but also make it a priority to hang or display some of your cherished and familiar personal items as soon as possible. Familiar things will help to make a new house feel like home for both you and your children.


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